Computer Science 101 (CS101) is an introduction to some of the essential and popular ideas of Computer Science for middle schoolers. A previous coding course is recommended.

In CS101, we will talk about what computers are and how they work. We will build up from the basic idea of 0’s and 1’s to understand how today’s computers can do complex things. Along the way, we will build Python programs to further illustrate or explore our concepts.

COMING UP: Watch for information sessions about this new course, or call us at 773-382-0778 if you have questions.

middle school kids learning to code
Major Units and Topics

These are the scheduled units for CS101.

  • Bits, binary and the birth of computing
  • How computer hardware works: chips, cpu, memory, disk
  • How Software Works: Programs, languages, and "running"
  • The Two Big Ideas of Algorithms: Efficiency and Netflix
  • Hey Siri: Exploring AI and voice interfaces
  • What is Data: Storing and representing information
  • The Instagram Effect: How digital images and photo filters work

Additional topics may be added based on student interests.

Coding Expectations

CS101 is not purely a coding class. It will be approximately 40-50% coding and the rest focused other topics and explorations.

The language we use is CS101 is Python. For our initial class, students do not need to specifically know Python prior to entering, but prior programming experience is recommended.

Although homework is not required, we will set some Python projects as optional at-home challenges for students.

Class Schedule & Tuition

This course has a different schedule than most of our other courses. It is a full year course, consisting of 32 sessions of 90 minutes each.

The course is offered on Saturday morning and Tuesday evening. Students enroll in one of these sections. We will provide the full class schedule, and accommodate missed lessons in the other section, so long as space allows.

Tuition is $199 per month for 8 months. Families who wish to pay the full tuition upfront may receive a 10% discount.