NOTE: Minecraft Mods is a coding course at an Intermediate Level. Students should have strong Scratch skills or equivalent experience to join this course.

In this course, we code modifications or "mods" that are inserted into the game of Minecraft. Our mods run in a real Minecraft environment and give you powers that you don't usually have in the game, such as shooting flying pigs out of your bow.

The Minecraft mods are built with block-based coding, but the commands and environment are more complex than Scratch. It requires a small amount of typing, along with more precision and patience as well. For this reason, we recommend strong Scratch skills, or instructor approval, to take this class.

kids learning minecraft modding
Coding Minecraft Mods

For kids ages 8+

Grow your coding skills and create mods that you can play in real Minecraft!

This course will teach students how to manipulate the Minecraft world to build fun mods such as lucky blocks, pet attack creepers, ultimate op swords, and more. Event-based programming is a key focus.

As students advance, they will combine elements into complete mini-games that are played inside the Minecraft world. We learn to keep score, work in a multi-player environment, and respond to player choices. Games may include an egg fight, mob wave defense, block chaser game and others.

Previous experience with Scratch or instructor permission recommended.