Learn About the Wide World of Minecraft!!

For younger kids getting started with Java Minecraft, this class will rapidly expand your knowledge of the game. This camp focuses on basic skills for exploration, building a solid foundation for going further with the game.It can be paired with the Minecraft Beginner Building class to get a full set of Basic Skills. Younger kids may choose to do this class twice for extra practice and support.

NOTE: This class requires a Windows or Mac computer with keyboard and mouse. Ipad, Xbox, and other game systems will not work.

What You Will Learn and Do

Minecraft has dozens of biomes, each with different plants, animals, villages, special structures and more. There are a host of skills and knowledge associated with navigating the world and this class will expose you to a wide variety of them.

With all the variety in Minecraft, you will never be bored of exploring it!

How Long is the Camp?

Learn new Minecraft skills in just one week!

5 days, 2 hours/day

What Does it Cost?

$199 per week

What If You Miss a Class?

We only enroll for full weeks of camp and fees are not prorated if you miss a day.

Please select a week that works for your schedule on all 5 days.

If you must miss a day due to unforeseen circumstances, the instructor can record the lesson and we will share it with you afterwards.

How the Camp Works

It's online learning, and it's personalized, effective and fun!

  • This class is conducted live online using Zoom and a private Minecraft server.
  • There will be a maximum of 4 students, so you can get to know each other, speak up and get help when you need it.
  • Instruction is done by screen sharing.
  • Students will learn about Minecraft through a mix of experimentation, challenges and lessons.

What Technology Do You Need?

Here's what you need to join a camp:

  • A computer or laptop, external mouse recommended
  • High-speed internet
  • Microphone and speakers, or a headset
  • A webcam (recommended, but not required)
  • Minecraft and Zoom installed on your computer

We use Minecraft Java Edition on Windows or Mac. This version requires use of the keyboard and mouse. Other versions are not compatible. Younger kids may require some parental support at first.

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