A customized and highly effective way to learn to code!

For students who want to learn coding at their own pace and focus on their own specific interests, private lessons are the way to go. Our private lesson students are bright and dedicated, and they work hard to advance their coding skills. These kids are going places!

What you get in private coding lessons:

  • Dedicated time and attention from one of our fantastic instructors
  • Customized curricula for any age, skill level, and coding language
  • A close partnership with your instructor to help you meet your goals

Classes are typically 1 hour long and occur 1 or 2 times per week on a fixed schedule, but we are also able to accommodate one-time or short term lessons for a specific need.

Here are just a few reasons students take private lessons with us:

  • To work around a very tight schedule
  • To work on an independent project
  • To allow a child who is outside our age range to participate in coding classes
  • To assemble your own custom computer with professional assistance
  • To set up/troubleshoot Minecraft mods

The advantage of private lessons is that they are on your schedule, with your child’s teacher crafting lesson plans that meet their specific interests. In private lessons, we are able to fulfill a wide range requests in terms of languages and projects.

All lessons are virtual, and conducted by Zoom. We will provide technical support to get you set up with any software you may need for the lesson. Please note that Chromebooks and iPads may not be compatible with some software.

QUESTIONS? Call 773-382-0778 or use the Contact Us button below to send an email!