We are offering three different Minecraft camps for kids this summer, Minecraft Builds & Skills, Minecraft World Building and Minecraft Modding. These camps are meant for different ages and interests, so please be sure to match your child with the right camp!

Minecraft camps are offered in two locations for Summer 2019, in Chicago at 2867 N Clybourn Ave, and on the North Shore at 3434 Central St, Evanston. The North Shore camp is located inside Unity Church on the North Shore, and the location is also very close to Skokie and Wilmette.

All camps take place on private Minecraft servers. We set up custom worlds to facilitate teamwork and learning and we have rules of appropriate in-game behavior that kids are expected to follow.

When selecting between two camps where ages overlap, if your child has a shorter attention span or less focus, you should choose the younger camp.

Please click on the camp names to read more and find schedule and pricing for each camp.

Minecraft Builds & Skills Camp (Ages 6-8)

This camp for younger Minecrafters is focused on expanding kids' skills and knowledge in Minecraft, and is suitable for complete beginners or those with some experience. We use mini-lessons and challenges that work with shorter attention spans, and allow some free play time as well. This camp encourages kids to work together in teams, and supports them in learning teamwork skills like planning, communication and respect.

Kids will learn how to navigate the controls and features of Minecraft using keyboard and mouse, design and build structures based on challenges given by instructor, and add basic redstone features including trains/roller coasters, automatic lights and doors, traps and security.

Minecraft World Building Camp (Ages 8-12)

This camp challenges kids to image and create a cohesive world in Minecraft over the course of the week. Campers will plan and design a world around a theme, and brainstorm what it should contain, then design and build the structures and environments of that world. They will learn how to add redstone and command block features to add automation, game mechanics, challenges and hidden bonuses.

The level of this class is very flexible. Older and more advanced students will be able to work on advanced challenges incorporating command blocks and complex redstone builds.

Minecraft Modding Camp (Ages 10-13)

This camp is a coding camp that uses the Minecraft world as a setting to explore coding topics. This is an intermediate level class. Kids should have prior coding experience and be interested in coding, not only in Minecraft.

Campers will design and build a variety of mods to understand how components of the Minecraft world are manipulated. This may include custom weapons like a pig launcher, useful tricks like a self-building bridge, and fun items like a lucky block.

We will also construct 1-2 complete mini-games with features such as teams, scoring, custom arenas and controlling game state and player inventory.

Advanced students with strong coding skills can choose after Day 1 to pursue the rest of the course in Javascript, rather than Blockly.