Website Coding & Design


Start into text-based coding with the three must-know languages that run the internet!

In this hands-on, real world class you will use the same languages professionals use to code websites. You will learn how to design and code a website using HTML, CSS and Javascript – and how to put it live on the internet. All tools are completely free so you can keep working on your website at home.

HTML, CSS, Javascript
Ages 10+
Languages HTML, CSS, Javascript

What Kids Will Learn and Do

This class will teach you how to build a website with features like you see every day, and host it on the internet!

  • Learn HTML, CSS and Javascript coding languages through a series of guided projects and challenges
  • Learn about free tools for creating and editing website graphics and make your own logo, buttons, icons and more
  • Design and build your own multi-page website with menus, videos, games and activities you coded yourself
  • Learn how websites and servers work, and set up your site with free hosting

All lessons use typing and core languages only. We do not focus on website builders or drag and drop environments.

Class Schedule

Students at this level select one regular day and time to attend. We offer this class two times per week.

Make up lessons are permitted for missed classes with 24 hour advance notice, but the same lesson cannot be guaranteed.

The current days and times of this class are:


With enough student interest, we will open up new sections of this class. If these days and times do not work for your schedule, please contact us so that we can put your name on the list of interested students.

Class Size & Instructors

Classes are capped at 10 students, and will have a 5:1 ratio or better at this age group.

Our instructors are adults who are studying or have completed post-secondary education. We hire talented high school students as teaching assistants and to provide near-peer interactions.

All of our instructors have relevant coding or technology expertise and are trained at Power Up in teaching skills and the specifics of our Coding Curriculum.

Hardware, Accounts & Materials

Computers and all required hardware are provided for use during class.

All the coding, hosting and design tools we use in this class are free and can continue to be used at home after class.

Students will launch a personal website live on the internet during this course, using free domains and hosting.

Promotion to the next level

Kids learn to code at different speeds based on age, other experiences and practice time. We recommend one school year at this level for most kids in 5th-7th grade. Some kids may need more or less time, and those who practice coding in between lessons may progress faster.

To promote a student, we are looking for fluency with setting up a basic website, adding content, styling the content and coding basic Javascript interactions. Students should be able to write their own Javascript variables, function definitions, loops and if statements, as well as reference objects on the HTML page. In addition, students should be able to design and build more complex Javascript apps with teacher support.

Website coding is a large topic and we do not expect kids to reach broad mastery in this course. Rather, we seek to establish a solid foundation with the expectation that they will study this topic again in more depth in high school or independently, based on their own interests.

Registration & Pricing

This class offers monthly registration.

You can join this class at the start of any month. If you are joining mid-year, we will do an orientation and plan your entry so that you are ready to join the class.

Monthly fees are $120 for a regular month with 4 one-hour lessons. This fee is prorated up or down for months with 3 or 5 lessons. It will be automatically billed to your credit card within the first 3 days of each month of classes.

NOTE: Fees are based on the number of *scheduled* lessons for your class, not on how many lessons you actually attend.

Refunds & Cancellations

Fees are charged to your credit card within the first 3 days of each month of classes. You may cancel your enrollment at any time and we will not make the next charge. No refunds are issued for cancelling in the middle of a month.


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