Have fun, be creative, learn something new!

This winter break, your child can become a coder, architect, video producer or engineer for a day with our fun, creative and educational technology camps.

All camps except Video Production are single half-day registration (2 or 3 hours), and we will do different projects each time, so you can repeat the same camp if you want to!

The Video Production camp is three half-days (9 hours).


Scratch Video Game Coding (ages 7+)

Level 1

Practice your Scratch skills or try it out for the first time with our special Winter Break video games camps! You will learn a new game each day, along with a variety of patterns and skills along the way. Come once or multiple times and build your coding skills. This camp is also a great way to prepare if you are new to Power Up, and planning to join our Winter Session Level 1 Scratch class.

Mobile Video Game Coding (ages 8+)

Level 2

Join us to code a video game that can be played on a smartphone! You will learn step by step how to design and code the game, and by the end of the camp you will be able to play it for real. This is also a great introduction to our Level 2 Mobile Apps class.

Note: Apps in this camp run on Android devices. We will have smartphones available for students to use during the camp.

Coding & Circuits (ages 7+)

Level 1

Design a video game and build a custom controller for it! We will learn to how to code a video game in Scratch, then use Makey Makey to put together circuits and craft materials into a working set of controls. Each day is a new project, and will allow you to see a variety of inventive ways to use the Makey Makey. This camp is also a great way to prepare if you are new to Power Up, and planning to join our Winter Session Level 1 Scratch class.

Minecraft Builders Challenge (ages 7+)


Each session, kids will be put into teams of 3-4 and presented with a building theme to complete within 2 hours. Using teamwork, communication and creativity, each group will design and build their very best creation and in the process, expand their knowledge and skills in Minecraft architecture.

Minecraft Redstone Engineering (ages 8+)


Redstone power can make Minecraft gadgets come to life! We will teach how Redstone circuits and switches work, and show designs for fun contraptions. After learning the basics, we will give the class a challenge to design their own redstone creation. This class is not suitable for Minecraft beginners.

Minecraft Command Block Basics (ages 9+)


Command blocks are the programming language built into Minecraft. Using these blocks, you do everything from simple weather controls to full adventure maps and mini-games. We will teach basic usage of command blocks and show how to build them up to add major customization to your world. This class is not suitable for Minecraft beginners.

YouTube Star! Intro to Video Production (ages 9+)


Does your child have YouTube goals? Join our new Video Production camp to learn how to plan, shoot, edit and share videos using easily available tools. Kids will have the chance to create their own videos from concept to final upload, including professional effects like cuts, fades, sound/music, text and graphics. Bring your own camera, video camera, or smartphone and we will help you learn how to use your device better. We will also have devices available for those who cannot bring their own.


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